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Add to Facebook[77] Opera -Mozart's La Finta Giardiniera at the Aix-en-Provence Festival 2012 [Etcohod]2 Tage1.25 GB112 22 Health
Add to Facebook[76] Opera -Sancta Susanna by Hindemith at the Opéra de Lyon 2012 [Etcohod]2 Tage183.4 MB116 56 Health
Add to Facebook[75] Opera -Mozart Don Giovanni-Erwin Schrott -Anna Netrebko 2013 [Etcohod] DUPL2 Tage1.24 GB102 4 Health
Add to Facebook[74] Opera -Bluebeard's Castle and La Voix humaine by Béla Bartók 2015 [Etcohod] DUPL2 Tage772.91 MB108 18 Health
Add to Facebook[72] Opera -La Donna del Lago by Rossini at the Met 2015 [Etcohod] DUPL2 Tage1.03 GB114 35 Health
Add to Facebook[71] Opera -I Capuleti e i Montecchi by Bellini at the Liceu 2016 [Etcohod] DUPL2 Tage357.56 MB104 37 Health
Add to Facebook[70] Opera -Norma by Vicenzo Bellini at the Gran Teatre del Liceu 2015 [Etcohod] DUPL2 Tage907.34 MB121 34 Health
Add to Facebook[69] Opera -Benjamin, dernière nuit [Last night] Michel Tabachnik 2016 Etcohod]2 Tage639.1 MB154 58 Health
Add to Facebook[68] Opera -Einstein on the beach by Philip Glass 2014 [Etcohod]2 Tage1.16 GB81 5 Health
Add to Facebook[67] Opera -Don Giovanni by Mozart at La Monnaie in Brussels 20014 [Etcohod]2 Tage1.43 GB149 8 Health
Add to Facebook[66] Opera -Dardanus by Rameau at the Grand-Théâtre de Bordeaux 2015 [Etcohod]2 Tage1.45 GB47 52 Health
Add to Facebook[50] Concert -Zubin Mehta Conducts Liszt and Mahler in Israel 2015 [Etcohod]1 Woche1.07 GB164 47 Health
Add to Facebook[34] Dance-The Bronze Horseman Choreography by Rostislav Zakharov 2016 [Etcohod]1 Woche1.24 GB105 5 Health
Add to Facebook[33] Dance-Magifique Tchaïkovski Suites [Etcohod]1 Woche429.35 MB76 18 Health
Add to Facebook[31] Dance-Daphnis et Chloé by Jean-Christophe Maillot 2010 [Etcohod]1 Woche282.81 MB129 48 Health
Add to Facebook[30] Dance The Sleeping Beauty by Nacho Duato 2015 [Etcohod]1 Woche915.84 MB94 57 Health
Add to Facebook[29] Dance -Déesses et Démones (Goddesses and Demonesses) by Blanca Li 2016 [Etcohod]1 Woche470.65 MB98 39 Health
Add to Facebook[28] Dance -BORDERLINE Choreography by Wang Ramirez 2016 [Etcohod]1 Woche536.79 MB118 6 Health
Add to Facebook[27] Dance -The Nutcracker by Vasily Medvedev & Yuri Burlaka 2014 [Etcohod]1 Woche1.3 GB47 12 Health
Add to Facebook[65] Opera -Only the Sound remains by Kaija Saariaho in Amsterdam 2016 [Etcohod]1 Woche815.1 MB70 24 Health
Add to Facebook[64] Opera -Kent Nagano conducts Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky in Munich 2013 [Etcohod]1 Woche943.31 MB111 5 Health
Add to Facebook[63] Opera -Katerina Izmailova by Shostakovich at the Bolshoi of Moscow 2016 [Etcohod]1 Woche1.11 GB107 40 Health
Add to Facebook[62] Opera -John Adam's Nixon in China in Paris 2012 [Etcohod]1 Woche1.29 GB47 5 Health
Add to Facebook[61] Opera -William Christie conducts Hercules by Handel 2005 [Etcohod]1 Woche1.22 GB67 55 Health
Add to Facebook[60] Opera -La Donna del Lago by Rossini at the Met 2015 [Etcohod]1 Woche1.03 GB112 25 Health
Add to Facebook[59] Opera -I Capuleti e i Montecchi by Bellini at the Liceu 2016 [Etcohod]1 Woche357.56 MB119 5 Health
Add to Facebook[58] Opera -Bluebeard's Castle and La Voix humaine by Béla Bartók 2015 [Etcohod]1 Woche772.91 MB65 60 Health
Add to Facebook[57] Opera -Alessandro by Handel in Versailles 2013 [Etcohod]1 Woche1.31 GB55 18 Health
Add to Facebook[56] Opera -Hamlet by Thomas conducted by Marc Minkowski 2013 [Etcohod]1 Woche975.21 MB135 50 Health
Add to Facebook[55] Opera -Alcina by Handel at La Monnaie in Brussels 2015 [Etcohod]1 Woche1.14 GB99 38 Health
Add to Facebook[54] Opera -Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti at the Liceu 2015 [Etcohod]3 Wochen1011.95 MB125 49 Health
Add to Facebook[53] Opera -Valery Gergiev conducts the Queen of Spades by Tchaikovsky 2015 [Etcohod]3 Wochen1.37 GB109 29 Health
Add to Facebook[52] Opera -Haendel's Agrippina at the Theater an der Wien 2016 [Etcohod]3 Wochen1.22 GB85 33 Health
Add to Facebook[51] Opera -L'Heure Espagnole by Ravel 2015 [Etcohod]3 Wochen494.26 MB151 2 Health
Add to Facebook[50] Opera -L'Etoile by Chabrier at the DNO Amsterdam 2014 [Etcohod]3 Wochen930.17 MB88 33 Health
Add to Facebook[49] Opera -Valery Gergiev conducts Eugene Onegin by Tchaikovsky 2015 [Etcohod]3 Wochen1.29 GB162 14 Health
Add to Facebook[48] Opera -Max Emanuel Cencic sings Farnace by Vivaldi 2012 [Etcohod]3 Wochen916.69 MB106 32 Health
Add to Facebook[47] Opera -La Cenerentola by Rossini 2015 [Etcohod]3 Wochen1.47 GB147 29 Health
Add to Facebook[40]Concert-Herbert Blomstedt Conducts Beethoven 2017 [Etcohod]3 Wochen1.45 GB46 48 Health
Add to Facebook[26] Dance -The Lady of The Camellias by John Neumeier 2008 [Etcohod]3 Wochen890.41 MB68 52 Health
Add to Facebook[25] Dance -Lac (Lake) by Jean-Christophe Maillot with (Documentry) 2013 [Etcohod]3 Wochen1.3 GB148 24 Health
Add to Facebook[24] Dance -Beethoven symphony No 9 -choreography by Bejart (2014) [Etcohod]3 Wochen1.46 GB138 43 Health
Add to Facebook[23] Dance -Pinocchio choreography by Ivan Cavallari 2013 [Etcohod]3 Wochen1.01 GB86 4 Health
Add to Facebook[36]Concert-Liszt Piano concerto no 2 2012 [Etcohod]1 Monat192.61 MB104 35 Health
Add to Facebook[38]Concert-Jordi Savall conducts Bach at Fontfroide Suites and Concerti mezzotv1 Monat477.52 MB125 20 Health
Add to Facebook[37]Concert-Marc Minkowski conducts Schubert's Symphony No8 'The Great' 2012 [Etcohod]1 Monat597.49 MB161 59 Health
Add to Facebook[34]Concert- Beethoven and Prokofiev Etcohod1 Monat900.93 MB90 48 Health
Add to Facebook[35]Concert-Abbado conducts Mahler and Schönberg, 2006 [Etcohod]1 Monat1.17 GB87 50 Health
Add to Facebook[33]Concert -Leonard Bernstein conducts Beethovens's Ninth Symphony in Berlin 1989 [Etcohod]1 Monat1.11 GB100 39 Health
Add to Facebook[39] Opera -Der Rosenkavalier by Strauss in Glyndebourne [Etcohod]1 Monat1.46 GB101 25 Health