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New languages on SeedPeer

Posted by Markus | 7 Jahre her on Friday 17 September 2010 02:26:32 to be more exact
Hey all,

We have started to adapt to more languages. Right now the site is available in these 6 languages:
* English
* Romanian
* French
* Portuguese
* Swedish
* Spanish

More translations are incoming, contact us if you also want to contribute and help us make Seedpeer available in your mother tongue!


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38 Kommentare

maurizio 6 Jahre her

languages italian

dude 6 Jahre her

i speak beavis and butthead huhuhuuh penie huuhuhhuh

najah 6 Jahre her

language malayalam

chris 6 Jahre her


Hilf mir meine Forschung Vereinte Kräfte in Global Warfare schneller zu beenden! 6 Jahre her

hi englisch

chri 6 Jahre her


harigeharrie 6 Jahre her

In het Nederlands please

Hindisaxmp4 6 Jahre her

Hindisaxmp4 6 Jahre her staff are gay and they love it.

draggisa 6 Jahre her


djelac 6 Jahre her

croatian plesae

Satan 5 Jahre her

Dutch, could be usefull ^^

Guy33 5 Jahre her


sagittaire73 5 Jahre her


mazzel 5 Jahre her




soap 5 Jahre her

chinese plesae

cipa 5 Jahre her


bell 4 Jahre her

korean plesae

sdfgwe 4 Jahre her

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solidus 4 Jahre her


freedom1688 4 Jahre her


Me naked 4 Jahre her

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Den Haag 4 Jahre her

In Dutch

In nederlands

mopsie03 4 Jahre her

in het Nederlands alstublieft

jorian 4 Jahre her


viagra51 4 Jahre her


Paolo 4 Jahre her


lorenza 4 Jahre her


nikolwi 4 Jahre her

russian please

Facts 4 Jahre her

some of peopls in this world need get a life and think be for they post.

yes really.

Facts 4 Jahre her

I farted and i liked it!

renhoek93 4 Jahre her

Chinese would be cool.

sid 3 Jahre her

bonjour language en francais

Yay 3 Jahre her

Why don't people get why Marijuana will NEVER be legalized?

Jonathan Idk asked 2 years ago

Here are 10 reasons why Marijuana will NEVER be legalized:

1. It KILLS BRAIN CELLS!! Its a FACT, Deal with it!
2. Too many people will use it, and even kids will get there hands on it.
3. It is perceived as addictive. It's called "pot heads" or "stoners".
4. We already have 3 legal drugs.. why would we want more?
5. It will make our country stupid from the lose of brain cells.
6. "Marijuana smoke contains 50% to 70% more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke", source from
7. People have died from overdosing..
8. It could cause more car accidents.
9. It would still be illegal to teenagers.. And they might set the age to 21 or older like beer.
10. Its a F.9cking waste of money! If you do it because your depressed or for fun.. Go do something else! Go to the movies or something!

The main reason is 1 and 2 though.

"I don't hate people who do marijuana.. I just hate how there stupid enough to think it would be legalized.." my quote XD
Btw.. I came up with all of these except for number 6. Oh and im 16..
Additional Details
OMFG!!! The Government has NOTHING to do with why its illegal!! LMFAO!!! You people saying it does are f.8cking idiots! And it's the only excuse you guys have.. just stf.u.

2 years ago
Ok elogy.. Why are you bringing up tobacco and beer? There both irrelevant and just because marijuana is less harmful DOES NOT mean its safe.

2 years ago
Why do people keep bringing up Tobacco?!! And eloy g I just said I came up with the 10 answers and I only researched number 6 to see if it really does damage other parts of your body. F*(king idiot!

2 years ago
Like I said before.. Even if you say that Tobacco and Beer is more harmful than Marijuana... Marijuana is still NOT Safe! Its still harmful!

plokaj 3 Jahre her

pls turkish langauage

me naked 3 Jahre her

I farted

Seedpeer User 01 3 Jahre her

Beavis and butthead please

davood 3 Jahre her

languages persian"farsi"
thank you